Molding under pressure

The technology of molding of plastic products under pressure


The technology of plastic products production consists in creating of special raw material for the further transferring it into a viscous stream, with the following transformation into the required form.

During the process of plastic parts manufacturing different polymer components are combined. Molten plastic polymers under pressure are poured into the prepared forms:

  • Removable, stationary construction, half removable;
  • Manual, with automation;
  • With horizontal / vertical demountable plane;
  • With one / several demountable planes.

Automatic machines for molding under pressure are equipped with advanced software control, they differ by reliability, functionality, and safety of using in a case of complying with all recommendations and regulatory requirements. 

Plastic products production can be done in series, in small batches. It is almost impossible to limit the assortment of plastic products – using special aggregates gives possibility to manufacture plastic parts for household or industrial use, plastic molding for window systems and doors. Call us if you need advice on TPA models, quantity or type of used raw materials, characteristics of the technological process, or the possibility to produce certain types of polymer products.