Do you want to implement a promising project or a  start-up and generate a positive investment result as soon as possible? Do you have your own molds? We offer a good price! Are you interested in mold design and manufacturing? If so, Replast will become the best project team to manufacture molds for injection molding of plastics at cost.

Manufacturing molds for injection molding of plastics: grow your business with us 

Commercial manufacturing of plastic products and different plastic component parts is a promising business area. People use plastic in different spheres of life – food, chemical, pharmaceutical and construction industries, medicine etc. Molds serve as templates in flow production. Replast offers manufacturing molds in Ukraine at cost.

Design and manufacturing are carried out by our strategic partners. To place an order for a unique mold, you need only to provide the specialists with the necessary technical data – descriptions, photographs, schemata or a sample of a product.

If you already have a ready mold, we can start our mutually beneficial cooperation at the best prices right away, without wasting time! We offer to break new ground and increase your business profitability by carrying out all the stages of the manufacturing process using our in-house facilities, your molds and high quality plastic raw material.

Where can your molds be used?

Plastic component parts essentially reduce the cost of the manufacturing process and finished product assembly. Therefore, when you’re developing your mass production technology, it's necessary to manufacture or purchase a special mold in order to produce parts of different shapes and dimensions.

As an alternative, you can use modern 3D printers to “print out” a wide variety of plastic component parts and finished products. However, such items aren’t durable and resistant. Therefore, when you have mass production and you need a large number of part components, it’s better to consider the manufacturing of molds from quality metal and supplements, which will be used for injection molding of plastic.

Manufacturing molds: major stages

  1. First, the mold for injection molding products is designed in accordance with the given samples or schemata;
  2. Next, the mold for injection molding is manufactured according to the approved design;
  3. After the mold for injection molding is created, it undergoes testing;
  4. If it’s necessary, the mold for injection molding of plastic is updated or modified.

You can buy a mold for carrying out different technological processes. Contact the Replast team for professional manufacturing of molds for casting items of different shapes and dimensions. 

Replast will facilitate using your molds for injection molding at the best value.

Replast is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer that closely cooperates with the top strategic partners from Ukraine, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania and Portugal. If it’s necessary, our partners can manufacture a quality mold for your business quickly and efficiently.

Our partnership can offer you the following advantages:

  • a wide range of shapes and dimensions. You can order manufacturing molds of any complexity;
  • all-inclusive service starting from mold design and finishing with production. Also, we offer to arrange the plastic raw material supply for your business;
  • warrantied quality. We produce molds using high quality metal and supplements;
  • affordable price. The price we offer includes cost spent on materials and manufacturing. You can be assured that we offer the lowest prices for molds for injection molding

Any mold you decide to buy from Replast will serve you well for your business growth. In case you have a ready mold, we’ll offer you the most favourable price for injection molding the finished products using our own facilities.

Manufacturing molds in Ukraine: what does the price depend on?

Due to their innovative facilities, our partners offer manufacturing molds for injection molding of plastic of any complexity. The price for a mold is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • the complexity of the finished product design: whether the mold has to include threads, holes or grooves;
  • pouring gate system that ensures polymer substance getting right into the mold, which cuts down on the cost of manufacturing molds;
  • type of the injection molding machine: automatic, semi-automatic or mechanical;
  • the number of cavities per tool;
  • type of raw material.

The price for mold is calculated separately for each case.

Molds for injection molding of plastic – price from Replast’s partners

Each mold is produced professionally and in compliance with operating standards. The price for manufacturing the mold includes producing a mock-up model to estimate molding shrinkage and make production more cost-efficient, as well as testing and adjusting. If you are interested in the wholesale prices for molds for injection molding of plastic, contact us for more details.

Molds: producing any goods with your templates

We are among the leaders in the current market of plastic product manufacturing using extrusion and injection molding methods. We cooperate with the top strategic partners from different countries – Ukraine, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Turkey. That’s why we sell molds at cost as a bonus, and we execute both standard and complex  orders.  

Having all the necessary facilities and a team of qualified experts, our partners produce modern molds for injection molding of plastic at an affordable price. Be sure that the price for manufacturing molds will meet your budget. If you have ready molds, we offer high quality finished products manufacturing at an optimal cost. 

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