Extrusion and co extrusion

Our industrial capabilities in the field of extrusion and co-extrusion

Our personal is highly skilled in the field of plastic recycling

The Park of our equipment consists of modern extruders Makina Rider and Novoma

Raw materials
We use only high-quality raw materials of European manufacturers for the production of our products

Потужності обладнання розраховані на виробництво як тонкостінних деталей з малою вагою, так і  великих товстостінних деталей з великою вагою.

Extrusion lines are designed for the production of molded products of any length, both small and large.

Our experienced specialists will help you choose any color according to your needs.

The capacity of our extrusion equipment is 637 tons of polymers per year, we are able to provide any quantity of products you need.

We use Quality Control System to ensure the quality of your products.

Due to high-quality and high-speed of our equipment, we will always ship the products you need in a time.


Extrusion of polyvinyl chloride profile (PVC)

Extrusion of polymers is a method of forming products or semi-finished products of continuous profile in which molten polymer is forcing through a die with channels of the required profile. The machines used to implement this method are called extruders. 

Extrusion of polymers is carried out in the viscous state, the pre-molten polymer is pressed into the required form through special molding structures for the production of finished products with specific size, form, and necessary color. Extrusion is the most productive method of plastic processing, accounting for about 30% of all plastic production. 

The thermal regime of polymer processing is set depending on the material, the structure of the extruder and the profile characteristics. Extrusion of PVC is carried out using modern extrusion lines and includes several basic stages:

Raw materials heat treatment;

Plasticization of raw materials;

Homogenization of the resulting mixture;

Providing products of a definite shape with a cross-section;


Cutting to the correct length.

   So the producing of PVC profiles has a number of technological features that require highly Qualified Staff and excellent work equipment. This is primarily:

a wide variation of PVC composition (different content of PVC resin, plasticizers, light and thermal stabilizers, fillers, pigments, etc.), that requires the selection of optimal processing parameters for each composition and providing the highest operational indicators;

the volatile losses during the PVC processing, causes the appearance of an additional stage of extruder’s material cylinder degassing;

Comparatively low thermostability of polyvinyl chloride requires much attention to the serviceability of the equipment, process parameters of recycling and rationalization of composition compound. 

   In general, technological extrusion of polymers is a rather complicated process and involves the simultaneous operation of several units of the extrusion line (pre-preparation of raw materials, raw materials supply, breakdown of raw materials, forming of the finished profile, discarding of products from the die, cutting of products and packaging).

PVC extrusion technology

Nowadays extrusion of polymers is carried out on high-performance equipment using different types of materials according to the drawings provided by the customer or according to the developed technical project. PVC extrusion is carried out after coordination of all order details:

Product purpose, field of use;

Environmental installation and operating conditions of products;

Required physical and thermal properties;

Required color;

Quantity of polymer products.

   We have our own fully completed production, so we offer high quality polymer products producing, future products engineering by professional specialists, custom molds manufacturing.

   Carefully designed PVC extrusion technology allows us to execute large orders in short terms and to guarantee excellent quality. You can contact us anytime. We will calculate the cost of the order, agree on the details, terms and conditions.